Nov 19, 2010

YES 4g Broadband Price !! Expensive !!

Ok I have wrote about yes 4g on this post before, and now, 19th November 2010, the launch of Yes 4g and also the pricing.

For me, It’s kinda pricey. Yes offer 9sen per 3mb or 1 minutes or 1 sms.

Ok let me translate it a bit. Normal 3g broadband provider limit their bandwidth from 3Gb to 5Gb and their price range is about RM 40 – 90. Let say you use 3Gb per month for Yes 4g, It is RM 90 !! Pricey isn’t it ?

Ok another example, if you watch HD youtube trailer.

13.49 MB and you pay RM 0.40 for a Unstoppable Movie Trailer (HD). 40sen for 1 youtube play?

OK yes, there are rebates. But the rebates are still make yes 4g pricey.

Data usage up to 2.5GB get rebate RM9 (12%). From RM75, you pay RM66.

Data usage up to 3GB get rebate RM23(25.5%). From RM90, you pay RM67.50.

Data usage up to 4GB get rebate RM36(30%). From RM120, you pay RM84.

And more , refer to image below.

credit to SoyaCincau for the image.

Ok back to my 2nd paragraph, 3Gb for RM90 – 23 = RM 67.50 . Will you use only 3Gb data usage? For mobile use (surfing via smartphone), you normally use small amount of data, but once you put the Fast Internet Connection to your laptop, for sure you can use 3Gb in just 1 week without notice. Yes I’m sure yes is fast, but the rate is not good. Consider you download 20GB for movies, IT IS RM 420 (after rebate). You should consider getting TM Unifi VIP 20 ( 20Mbps – Fastest speed so far to your home ) with 120GB quota for only RM249.

See the table below for the broadband price comparison for the rate you can have.

TM Unifi give you the best SPEED , RATE & Offer lots more than any other broadband.

You can have IP Phone, IPTV decoder(with lots of TV channel) with HD too.

Up to you, YES, it’s your choice.


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  • great comparison… really disappointed with yes 4g… get me excited for nothing.. with RM420 might as well buy ori dvd.. too bad unifi still new… dont have coverage here

    • yeah i hate the fact too that unifi still dont have coverage in certain areas. (!-.-)

  • Problem is Unifi is not for people with low budget!!!
    YES is for ordinary folks with low budget.

  • Hey,

    the comparison is non sense if you compare YES to Streamyx Unify or any other broadband provider. I say it because YES market segment is completely different from existing bband provider like streamyx, unify, etc. YES is focusing on light user for mobile internet experience while streamyx and other mobile bband are for heavy or at least consistent users.

    Say, a YES user uses about 1GB (which is more than enough for mobile browsing) of data which only cost RM30 while they need to pay RM98 or RM68 for other plan with the similar usage. YES is offering 9 sen for sms or a min of call or 3mb of data plus its credit never expired is really great for light user. I doubt any network provider provide lifetime credit as YES at zero charge.

    The comparison above is on the data alone. 9 sen for a min of call is pretty good deal as well and I am paying 10 sen per min for call (postpaid). Can you find any provider offer the same (prepaid) or even better? I doubt so. Streamyx unify is completely out in this as it is a fixed line and not mobile.

    9 sen for sms is not so bad. I am paying 12 sen per sms for my celcom plan worth rm250 per month. I am not sure about others rate but I would say 9 sen per sms is a good deal.

    All of this is depend on how heavy/light you are. If you think you are going to use alot of data, you better get unify or other mobile bband but if you unsure how much will you use, you better get YES for a try. The only concern about YES is its coverage. I am not sure how 4G and sim-less work. Are they need coverage as other mobile network? If yes, I doubt YES is good choice in kelantan/terengganu at least. Even Maxis is still suck in my area (hometown: Besut, Terengganu). I only get EDGE for my maxis bband but my celcom bband is great in my hometown.

    Sorry Dayat to against you but that is my point of view.

    • dear Afham,
      u got the point there, I agree about the mobility view.

      how about this ?

      I want to connect with high-speed internet connection – yes can provide. 4G technology
      I want to connect with my own laptop/pc – yes can provide (using yes buzz as modem or buy yes go, yes huddle).
      I always view youtube / download movies / play online games – yes can do ..


      the more I use, the more I pay (no speed & bandwidth limit) – that is my only point.

      p/s: for now, I use celcom broadband + TM CDMA for my mobility purpose.

    • Afham,
      yes will be great if they have 1 maximum payment per month. example RM250/month limit and after reach rm250, everything is free . :P hehe

      yes also have minimum usage RM30/month. :(

      • how bout this. i work in telco industry for 4 years in operation dept and never once been YTL worker(who know in the future), just to stated the fact i can speak for telco ind.

        even with broadband (digi celcom maxis), users keen to download via p2p until the network congested/freeze/hang/fault whatever u want to call it. thats broadband which network build primarily for call & sms. for streamyx, have u got any network delay & sometimes cant even connect? even primarily build for internet, p2p make it down. above all, network problem due to p2p.

        while for YES, i rather hate them because currently im outstation at Penang for few month, the only way to reach them by call their cust care. The prob is, they wont pick up the phone, i had waited 30mins.

        back to my point, if they put max payment, there u go with full bars but no connectivity i’d say in 6months after p2p’ers get em. minimum usage is a must for no contract package. if not, how to run their business? u must know 1 thing. every telco in malaysia, installed their in the main area (still just a few sites), then promote like crazy. people buy then if they migrate or travel somewhere, they dont get what they pay like me. for YES, i would say they done a great job. they installed 1000+ sites all acrose NS highway including main area (theres many sites on main area), after they confident enough only they sell it.

        back to your topic, am i clear? just my 2sen on services they provide that u think expensive.

        • yes, it’s still expensive for me. :)
          but if i put myself into yes company itself, i will do the same too.

          i’m just a human being. All other broadband, have their own lack & weakness. example, for unifi, can’t use in mobile. for digi,maxis,celcom, the speed can’t be reliable all the time. for YES, i only found it expensive. that’s all. other than that, YES really beat others.

  • hi…im living in shah alam sk20, how 2 know got or not yes4g coverage in my place? Im so tied since using celcom bb. Always temporary unavailable than when the connection ‘reborn’ frm last died, they give me 1 hope 2 ‘life’ back 4 one second somehow then ‘died’ again. That was celcom. Always giving hope 4 everyone.

  • YES is not targeting people who downloads video heavily. What is the point of downloading so much when most of the white collars living in urban areas don’t even have time to watch? For a person like me, I get connected just to search information (even if there is a need to download videos as reference, it will not be as much/ many as you do), corresponding with peers via emails& social networking sites, something I do watch some documentaries online, but so far my usage per month is still less than 2G, and I enjoy the flexibility of getting connected everywhere with high speed. Never compare with Streamyx as Streamyx to me sounds like a 3rd world product. The comparable one will be UNIFI, but their coverage sucks, as they will need to spend billions of MYR to pave the optic fibre. To date, they have spent hundreds of millions but it only covers less than 20% of Malaysian population, the worst thing is- it is not mobile at all, it means, if you want to get connected, you probably need to rush home from another place, if you’re lucky, you may be able to avoid the heavy traffic in Klang Valley during 7a.m. to 10a.m.& 5p.m. to 9p.m. As a conclusion, UNIFI offers you a great inflexibility

  • hurmmm.. thanx coz sudi share pasal YES 4G nih.. baru berangan2 nk tuka broadband.. nampaknya x jd la nk guna YES 4G..!! :)

  • Kalau tak suka, janganlah guna. Takde orang yang paksa kamu subscribe kepada YES.

    • yup tak paksa kamu komen juga :D
      personal review, it’s my blog btw. :)

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